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    High Speed Decanter Centrifuge Delivery to India

    Origin from UAE ,FD Petrol high speed centrifuge delivered to India waste management service company.…
    CLASSES:Solids Control TAG: AUTHOR:admin DATA:2018-10-30 14:35:00

    Two Rigs Packages Solids Control System for Oilfield Service

    FD Petrol supporting one international oilfield service company to provide two rigs packages solids control system…
    CLASSES:Solids Control TAG: AUTHOR:admin DATA:2018-09-27 14:32:00

    Ten HDD Mud Recycling System Ready for Delivery

    Ten complete mud system for HDD contractor are ready for delivery…
    CLASSES:Solids Control TAG: AUTHOR:admin DATA:2018-08-26 20:45:00

    Solids Control Equipment for ZPEC Two Rigs

    FD Petrol is a frequent supplier to ZPEC ,which is an internationally known drilling engineering contractor and manufacturer of petroleum drilling equipment. The company’s vision is to be a respected international energy enterprise. …
    CLASSES:Solids Control TAG: AUTHOR:admin DATA:2018-03-05 14:18:00

    Centrifugal Pump & Decanter Centrifuge for COSL

    FD Petrol centrifugal pump,mud agitators ,decanter centrifuge for offshore…
    CLASSES:Solids Control TAG: AUTHOR:admin DATA:2017-12-03 00:55:00

    8 sets 30ft containerized dewatering unit for Russian

    8 units trailer mounted 30 ft high standard dewatering unit for Russian customer…
    CLASSES:Solids Control TAG: AUTHOR:admin DATA:2017-11-30 14:10:00

    Solids control equipment for oilfiled service company

    shale shaker,desander,desilter,centrifugal pump delivered to China top oilfield service company…
    CLASSES:Solids Control TAG: AUTHOR:admin DATA:2017-11-20 14:01:00

    8 rigs solids control equipment for Russian Drilling Company

    In October,2017,FD Petrol was awarded 8 complete solids control system and waste management dewatering unit from Russian…
    CLASSES:Solids Control TAG: AUTHOR:admin DATA:2017-11-15 14:02:00
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